Skill mechanics

Skills are changed up a bit in this game. You no longer get additional bonus skill points at level one – skills are gained at a set rate per level. In addition, your maximum ranks in a skill is equal to your total class level. When you put at least one point into a class skill, you get a +3 bonus to all checks with that skill.

Class Skill Points/level
Barbarian 4 + Int mod
Clerics 2 + Int mod
Fighters 2 + Int mod
Rogues 8 + Int mod
Sorcerer 2 + Int mod
Swashbuckler 4 + Int mod

New Skills

All classes must choose 2 of the below skills to add to their list of class skills.

Computer Use (INT)
This skill is related to finding data, hacking and all other uses of a computer that involve using the system. You cannot make an untrained hacking check with this skill.
Synergy: 5 ranks of Computer Use gives you a +2 to all Pilot skill checks.

Jury Rig (INT)
This skill involves repairing physical systems and the guts of computers, hotwiring electronics and bypassing physical systems. Failing a Jury Rig check made when you are untrained can have negative consequences.
Synergy: 5 ranks of Jury Rig gives you a +2 bonus to all Computer Use checks.

Pilot (INT)
This skill involves piloting ships, navigation and anything else related to piloting a ship. You cannot make an untrained Pilot check.
Synergy: 5 ranks of Pilot gives you a +2 bonus on all Computer Use checks.

Zero-G (DEX, armor check penalty)
This is for performing tricky maneuvers in zero gravity. When making an attack while in zero gravity, you must succeed with a DC 12 Zero-G check or will drift 5 feet depending on your attack – this movement provokes an attack of opportunity.
Synergy: 5 ranks of Zero-G gives you a +2 bonus on all Tumble checks – and 5 ranks of Tumble gives you a +2 bonus on all Zero-G checks.


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