Game Theme

The core idea for this came from the movie Titan A.E., which is an awesome Don Bluth movie. I’ve put a bit of my own swing on it though.

For humanity, things are very bad. They are an endangered species that the alien races don’t really feel matters in the scheme of things – simply because they don’t.

They are mostly only tolerated in the core systems, and as such most humans don’t spend much time there. Despite impeding extinction, humanity is as stubborn as ever.

For the other races, they are under the thumb of the mysterious Ilosians. The Celodians treat them almost like deities, while the Rukon acknowledge them as being more powerful, but know that they are needed as they are the best at industry and mining. The recent destruction of Earth was an example to all the races.

It seems most people truly do not know the motives of these strange energy beings, except perhaps some Celodians in high places. Nor do people know where they even came from.

Look I really like this song ok and it’s from Titan AE. It’s kind of relevant.

Game Theme

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