Kazak Dumn Mining Station

Kazak Dumn mining station is owned and operated by the rukon. It has many ‘forges’ (Rukon metalworking plants) and processing facilities to keep the asteroid belt mining operation running. It is situated in the Outer Rim, and thus is a popular place for the less lawful elements of the galaxy.

Rukon miners, celodian business-barons, themban musicians, bannik mercenaries, human refugees and all combinations of civilised race can be found here, some trying to stay out of sight, others making overt power grabs.

While the rukon have always controlled the station, as more and more non-rukon fill it up, the less total authority the rukon have.

The Black Hole

Huge nightclub/bar/whatever.


A celodian-run clinic near the Black Hole.

Duragen Facility

A long abandoned genetics research facility on the far side of Kazak Dumn.

Kazak Dumn Mining Station

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