In 2400, humanity began to colonise their home system. Using faster than light travel, they soon began exploring outside of it. In 2500, they made contact with the Ilosian Consolidation, a collection of races that are effectively ruled by a strange race of energy beings, known as the Ilosians.

Humanity began making treaties and diplomatic overtures, with most of the races being fairly friendly – except for the Celodians and the Banniks. They had several mining contracts with the Rukon, and technology grew by leaps and bounds.

In 2995, the enigmatic Ilosians ordered for humanity’s complete and utter subservience. This was something the other races did not expect. As humanity stalled, they began working on a weapon that would work against the Ilosians, dispersing their energy.

The Ilosians found out, and deemed it necessary to destroy Earth and all of humanity’s colonies in Sol. Humanity began to evacuate, with some brave members of the other races risking their livelihoods to get more people off earth. Many of the ships that evacuated were destroyed, and the majority of the human race were wiped out completely. Sol is now a barren system of broken planets and fragments of ruined space stations.

Now, in 3020, 20 years after Earth has been destroyed and Sol devastated, humanity survives – barely. Any large group of humans is wiped out, so they are fragmented and broken. The other races look down upon them with a mix of pity and disdain, though some are quietly sympathetic.

Humanity appears destined to go out with a whimper. Wiki here.

Earth’s final throe of agony.

The Fall of the Ilosians

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